Our Portfolio Companies:


Alumshares’ purpose is to help alumni get ahead. They connect alumni of premier research institutions with previously inaccessible investment opportunities at their alma mater.

Carnegie Concierge

Carnegie Concierge is a full service home improvement company founded on one simple belief – better homes make better lives. They recognize the personal nature of working in someone’s home and bring quality, care, and craftsmanship back into home services.

Carnegie Vocational

Carnegie Vocational is a leading provider in general contractor’s exam certification courses.  With 100% online learning, they aim to serve busy contractors working to obtain their license. 

Farm Further

Farm Further’s purpose is to make better food for a better future. They believe high quality food and sustainable growing practices is the bedrock of a healthy planet and society. Through innovative technology, they are advancing the standard of excellence in agriculture.

Locke Society

Locke Society produces sophisticated & curated book summaries to help busy professionals save time and get ahead! They understand reading is fundamental to advancing knowledge, and strive to spread the best ideas from modern literature.

McCordial & Company

McCordial & Company was founded as a professional services and advisory firm founded to help businesses navigate and solve everyday challenges.  


Unfelon was founded on one simple belief – criminal punishment should begin and end with time served. They believe lifelong disenfranchisement is neither just nor acceptable, and they’re working to put an end to it for those who’ve served their time.